Who We Are

We are Adventure Capitalists – we capitalize on opportunities that make the world a better place. We are professional and personal, committed and unrestricted, lighthearted and thought provoking, forward thinking and realistic. 

While in service to others, we remain characters in our own adventure and consistently assess the direction, attitude, and alignment to our beliefs, work, and impact on the world around us.


Since we opened our doors in 2012, we have cultivated a trusted and tight network of specialists that have the expertise which rounds out each of our project teams. Finance, bookkeeping, social media, change management, graphic design, editing, and much more. Prior to building Adventure Capitalists, many of these professionals were Megan’s colleagues and dear comrades, so the synergy runs deep. Therefore, our loyalty to our clients springs from our own foundation of loyalty to one another. The culture of trust is here; you will relax with us and enjoy this mature team immensely.

Meet our Core Team!


Megan Joy Havrda

Meg is our Founder and Strategy and Business Design/Execution gal.

For the last 22 years, Megan has worked the helm of both the social enterprise and sustainability movements as a consultant, executive, and business owner working within the private sector, non-profit sector, and inside Governmental and Non-governmental organizations including the US State Department, Conservation International, Counterpart International, Women’s Economic Ventures, Citigroup, and several start ups.

In 2008, Megan helped build Be Green Packaging from the ground up with its founders as Senior Vice President, Eco-Social Advisory Board Chairwoman and as a Broker/Consultant.

In 2012, she co-founded The Adventure Capitalists, which designs, supports and builds triple bottom line companies.

In 2014, she became a founding Board Member and Executive of Ellipz Lighting USA, a vision company that manufactures innovative LED lighting worldwide.

Currently, Megan is also consulting for the internationally known change management company, called Adizes, as well as working with clients one on one.

Megan holds a Masters degree from George Washington University’s School of Business and Public Management, and has two Bachelors degrees in Ethnobotany and Alternative Medicine.

She is an active conservationist and community member who often stays connected to projects she started or worked on, including, but not limited to, Board Member for ESP Maya, which conserves a 5000 acre Maya Forest Reserve in Belize and Guatemala known as El Pilar.

Megan has been published and noted for her scientific work in the Maya Rainforest with Dr. Anabel Ford, her entrepreneurial work, and her passion for fostering more empowered and well-resourced women in the workforce and in all communities.

She was also an author in, “Conscious Choices” and had a part in the related film “Heart to Lead”.

Megan was recently on TV, in June 2017, on “Get Conscious Now”, which can be viewed via YOUTUBE.

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Joanie Vazquez

Joanie is our Accounting gal.

Joanie met Megan of The Adventure Capitalists in early 2016, and was instantly aligned with Megan’s intuitiveness, vision and passion for business. She began working with Megan and The Adventure Capitalists, and the companies they founded and/or built, at that time and Joanie continues to be the acting Controller for The Adventure Capitalists today.

Joanie Vazquez is also the Founder of Bottom Line Accounting.  Her team serves The Adventure Capitalists clients as needed. They design accounting departments, do all bookkeeping functions, and even take roles in start-up companies.

Joanie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from UCSB. After a successful 20+year career in all areas of Hospitality and Business Management, Joanie utilized her finance background and passion for business to become an independent Bookkeeper in 2013 and launched Bottom Line Accounting in 2017.

Bottom Line Accounting provides outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping solutions for any sized business or individual. Joanie Vazquez and her experienced team of professionals work closely with companies on a customized basis, focusing on creating efficiencies in daily operations, resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line. 

Joanie Vazquez and Bottom Line Accounting offer a broad range of services, from basic bookkeeping, tax preparation and HR to strategic budget analysis, remote Controller and/or CFO services and overall business management. The team services a variety of companies in a diverse range of industries within the Santa Barbara area.


Sean Shahrouzi  

Sean is our M & A guy.

Sean Shahrouzi is a veteran CPA and business consultant with an exceptional ability to analyze all aspects that are involved when negotiating a business transaction.

Sean began his accounting career with Arthur Anderson in the late 80's. In 1994 he left Anderson and started his first accounting firm in Santa Barbara, CA; which still continues today.  He is also the co-founder of Shahrouzi & Furness, CPA's in Beverly Hills and Encino, CA. He sold his interest in that firm in 2008. 

Whether its a new or existing vendor contract, corporate restructure, merger or acquisition, Sean has 30 years of experience to help achieve optimal results for our clients. 

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Phil Strong

Phil is our Business Execution guy.

Phil is a hands-on operator and entrepreneur experienced in international business with a track record of founding, selling and operating in privately and publicly quoted tech companies. He has held various CEO, board level and leadership positions.  

Phil helps innovators turn strategy into practical business activities by building purpose aligned teams and enduring process that are guided by clear measurable goals and a strong moral compass.

An entrepreneur at heart, Phil understands what it takes to help innovators focus their ideas and energy into the things that have real impact, short term and long term.

Phil has worked with Megan on various projects starting in 2009, contributing to corporate and financial design and planning, and capital formation at Be Green Packaging, JAMMCARD, and Ellipz Lighting USA. He is currently the founding CEO at Zymbit Inc and sits on the board of Evolve Controls, a private equity backed energy-efficiency company.

Phil holds a Master’s degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship from ENPC, Paris together with a Master’s degree in Robotics and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics.  

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Rick Dolwig  

Rick is our Mediation guy.

As a former Family Law Judge pro-tem with over 30 years’ experience, Rick’s approach to mediation drives our clients towards orderly and compassionate resolutions for all involved. 

Acting as an advisor and educational resource, Rick enables clients to ultimately make informed decisions and compromises.

Rick has a success rate above 90% because he is a man with a plan. He lets clients know what the big picture is, lays it out with you, and then follows through step-by-step. Rick is dependable, bold, creative, and highly conscious. Mediation requires trust to be built and Rick is the master of this.

Rick has been mediating in Santa Barbara since 1998. His peers rated him as Pre-Eminent in his field (IA) in the Martindale-Hubbell National Legal Directory. He is the Founder and CEO of Fair Resolution Without Conflict – Mediation Services.


Jacob Tell

Jacob is our Marketing guy.

Jacob’s expertise is in positioning premiere entertainment, lifestyle, and consumer brands through high level marketing strategy. With an educational background in film and politics, Jacob seeks world changing solutions for positive and creative people. He embraces technology-driven solutions and aims to make them widely accessible. With an appreciation for nature and hope for the future of human ecology, Jacob supports forward-thinking environmental & political leaders and aims to further meld artistry and science.

In 2001, before wifi, social networks and smartphones, Jacob co-founded Oniracom as a student at UCSB. Oniracom operates based on his vision for positive and lasting change, continuously evolving digital solutions along the ever-changing tech & new media landscape. Partners such as Jack Johnson, Santa Barbara Bowl, Warner Music, Topspin, Universal, SONOS, among others, trust him to produce authentic stories that increase brand growth & awareness.


Co-Founder's Story (Megan Havrda & Dariann Kobe)

Megan and Dariann met through Dar’s brother, drummer Macy Lucarelli, in 2011.

They very quickly spoke of and trusted their shared vision and created a business together. Dariann’s husband had thought of the name, and voila, Meg and Dar incorporated in 2012 as The Adventure Capitalists. In their Corporate documents, they were distinctly clear that they wanted to have children at the same time while building this exciting business and team. Alas, they did and they also built a few companies that remain alive and well today, which they both took executive roles at… Dar is at JAMMCARD still today, leading this one of a kind private network for music professionals. Meg and Dar remain dear friends and their children play together, and acknowledge that they knew each other in utero – cuties!