What We Do

We GUIDE you and your company to expedite change and create positive, palpable results.

We SHARE in your pain and your joy - We are not consultants but instead are on the front lines with you and get inside of your business.

We DESIGN key strategies that speak to your goals and encourage growth. And we do not let go until you are fully equipped to soar.

We IMPLEMENT and execute efficiently to achieve results. We also track our results and help you put metrics in place to monitor your own success and challenges.



Every business owner talks to themselves.

“Why am I doing this?” “How can I be more efficient with my time?” “Are we selling the right product to the right market?” “How do I get out of this mess fairly and efficiently?” “ Can we package this company for sale and how do we price it?”

Sound familiar?

We not only guide you towards your business goals, we also help you ask yourself the hard questions. You may require a brave new start, your accounting department might need a re-design as you grow, you might be in a pickle and need mediation support, or you might be preparing for investment or a sale. We make each step towards change exciting and possible, eliminating dread and anxiety from your thinking and infusing your business culture with real solutions and tangible results.



We meet each client where they are in their business cycle and become an integral part of the team.

Our process is therefore customized to your needs, goals, budget, timeline, and implementation capabilities.

If a client brings us a new company/product/service idea here’s an example of what the journey may look like:

  • Phase 1: Brand Development (Corporate ID, Stakeholder Communications) – our partner ONIRACOM leads this with our strategic support
  • Phase 2: Business Design & Development (Agreements, Roles, Contracts, Business Plan, Funding Strategy, Investor Packages, Accounting Dept set up)
  • Phase 3: Sales Strategy & Team Development
  • Phase 4: Marketing & Communication Strategy (Website, Print, Social Media, Videos, Commercials, Media Distribution) - our partner ONIRACOM leads this with our strategic support
  • Phase 5: Strategic Partner identification and development
  • Phase 6: Validation of business revenue models and re-assessment of action plans and financials
  • Phase 7: Investor and/or Strategic Partner Management & Communications – done in partnership with ONIRACOM
  • Phase 8: Mediation as challenges arise
  • Phase 9: Sale of the company or parts of it 


Though our company was founded in 2012, as a full service business development and marketing agency, today, our team focuses exclusively on the following aspects of business design and maintenance:

  • Strategy & Business Model Design/Execution

  • Investment Preparation & Investor Management

  • Corporate Structure & Formation

  • Team Design or Refinement

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Mediation & Legal

  • Merger & Acquisitions

We operate on the front lines with you, we are not consultants, 
but instead we meet each client where they are in their business cycle and become an integral part of the team. Our process is therefore customized to your needs, goals, budget, timeline, and implementation capabilities.



I was a one of the best at my craft, and at the same time one of the worst businessmen.  Megan helped me with both my personal and gym business to create a much more organized, productive and lucrative business model.  Most importantly, Megan really got to know me and designed a program tailored for my personality and strengths.  It has been over 3 yrs now and her coaching continues to be a game changer for myself personally and the Platinum Fitness Summerland gym. My only regret is that I did not find Megan sooner!!
— Peter Park, Platinum Fitness Owner & Trainer of Pro Teams and Athletes
Lots of people/firms can write a great press release but what The Adventure Capitalists offer above and beyond that is that they get inside the head of an organization and come to know and understand what that organization is really trying to accomplish. They appreciate the organization’s thought process and bridge that appreciation into communicating a message to the world that ultimately connects with the goals of that organization.
— Darrel Park, Powerful Me
Megan was instrumental educating our partners about the importance of organizational management for the goal of running a more efficient and profitable business.  Megan helped us form short and long term strategic platforms towards growing our client populations by developing new workout class programs, guiding a new role out of gym software to navigate memberships, financials, and busy hours of gym use, and helped resource us in developing a new and improved website.
— Kelly Park, Platinum Fitness Owner & Registered Nurse
The Adventure Capitalists team helped our company in several key strategic areas in an effort to improve our platform, branding, and website messaging. Their knowledge and expertise in the CSR space was key to developing our business development strategies and getting our name out in the CSR community. Their team helped us develop sales presentations, hone our value proposition, pricing models and target markets. They are easy to work with, deliver on time, professional and effective.

I highly recommend The Adventure Capitalists to anyone that needs help building a comprehensive marketing and business development plan!
— Bill Wilson, Founder & President of Sustain3, Inc.