Success Stories

Since inception, in 2012, we’ve had two types of clients: 1) those we design and build a company for - bringing the “idea” down into reality - and, we do this as the Launch Team, and 2) those we do a la carte services for.

Both JAMMCARD and Ellipz Lighting USA are examples of companies that we built from the ground up and populated with our team as well as hand selected hires to fulfill the start up's demands. We took equity positions in both companies and had cash compensation as well. Both of those companies thrive to this day.

Of the a la carte sort, today, we are focusing on start ups to $5million in revenue clients who desire a precise expertise from our team, all of who are operators. We understand the mechanics of business as well as corporate lifecycle and common pitfalls in the start up to $5million phases. We are also excellent at spotting red flags and creating a safe environment for entrepreneurs to hear constructive criticism as well as design expertise that will save them time and money (and angst!). For these clients, we accept cash / profit share incentives / equity combinations.

We have a very clear intake form that will initiate our process with you. It gets to the heart of your why and prioritizes your goals while matching them with the ideal outcome of your business. Contact us and let’s get started!

Companies we built:

A sample of la carte clients: