ellipz honored at 3rd sustainable business council of los angeles

To help celebrate Earth Day, tonight marks the Third Annual Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles (SBC) Achievement Awards.  SBC is a notable nonprofit organization providing professional networking, mentoring, and educational forums for sustainable business professionals throughout Southern California.  SBC wants to enable their members to improve operating efficiencies, profit margins, as well as staff productivity while they decrease ecological impacts.  We were pleased to hear that our partner, Ellipz Lighting, had been selected as a finalist.

The awards reception and ceremony celebrated Southern California companies working towards sustainability, with products and services that are part of the movement to reduce environmental impacts. Ellipz Lighting is a role model for the environmentally focused evolutionof business. Ellipz sees the need and opportunity to improve the human experience by inspiring people’s ability to live more responsibly and in safer conditions. Ellipz Lighting sees itself not as a lighting company, but more as an innovation company - always looking for ways to improve on the status quo of production and design in order to do it better and more sustainably. They have chosen the lighting industry as their “point of access” and are focused on minimizing waste and lowering energy use. Energy is minimized while creating better visibility for humanity through the design, manufacturing, and distribution of their technologies and products. The Ellipz philosophy rests in being environmentally and socially responsible instead of focusing solely on maximizing profits.

The event itself was sponsored and supported by some notable green businesses. From healthful and non-GMO food provided by Gardein, sustainable açaí cocktails by Veev, and a local fare competition from top restaurateurs, the event offered thoughtful and environmentally conscious food and entertainment.  Beyond eating, inspirational insights from sustainable luminaries also took the stage. Such luminaries include James E. Lentz (Chief Exec. Officer, Toyota N. America Region), Ann Gentry (Founder/CEO, Real Food Daily), Ellen Strickland (Founder/Owner, Livingreen), and Yves Potvin (Founder/President, Gardein).  We were very proud that Ellipz Lighting had been given the privilege to partake as an award finalist at this significant event.

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