you have a great business idea…now what?

Entrepreneurs are born with a pen and napkin in hand. Whether it is a product invention or a socially responsible service, entrepreneurs are responsible for some of the worlds greatest, built to last companies. Entrepreneurs shape society through innovation. And there are two questions that continually come out of their mouths:

1.    How in the hell am I going to pull this off?
2.    Where do I get the money to do it?

Let’s face it – there are THOUSANDS of amazing ideas out there, sitting in the minds of people too afraid to pull the trigger and go for it. With the U.S. economy in a suspended recession, taking the risk to get your idea out there, trust your intuition, and depend on your concept or product to fund your basic bills, let alone your desired lifestyle, is scary. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Who Took My Money, says, “Building or owning a business is by far the most rewarding but also the most stressful of all [the] assets.” The question is how do you take that next step from turning your idea into a business without devoting your entire retirement fund or hard earned money? How do you go from working full time for someone else to working full time to support your idea and blossom it into a business?

To help answer this for most entrepreneurs, we have designed a program called Kick Start, which does exactly that – it kick-starts entrepreneurs, allows them to test the viability of an idea or product, and provides constructive market feedback. The most introductory package, at only $3000, is a much easier “let’s see if we have something here” pill to swallow. We help you with the initial branding, a sophisticated logo design that isn’t generated via Microsoft WordArt, an analysis with recommendations regarding potential sales and marketing strategies, a simple one-page website to drive traffic, and a social media strategy for you to execute to start attracting your key demographic.

The Kick Start Program provides a safe approach for entrepreneurs who think they may not have the knowledge or the funding to get a product idea out there. Investing in a new business can be pricey if not managed properly. This program not only offers entrepreneurs stable-footing to launch at an affordable price, but it also provides a service to California where we can keep unique businesses on Main Street, and support people as they move from unemployment to self employment.

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