stepping outside your own box

On January 22, 2013, the had a great article on “Expanding Your Comfort Zone.” It caught my eye because recently, I did just that. I went from the comfort of a job working for a company to taking the dive with Megan and starting The Adventure Capitalists. The result – I couldn’t be more stoked on my life right now.

The article discusses how ones current comfort zones, have served a great purpose in your life, but they are also “representative of behaviors and patterns of thought that empowered you to cope with challenges of days past…doing little to facilitate the growth you wish to achieve in the present.”

My last job was not my dream job. I was frustrated; I was giving my energy, ideas and enthusiasm away to someone else’s business. I was lining their pockets with my blood, sweat, and innovation.

Yet, I was so used to performing under tremendous stress, racking up overtime hours without overtime pay, traveling 2-3 weeks per month, and being barraged by endless emails that I did nothing to change my situation, month after month. Basically, I was in my comfort zone – as the article says, I had “developed a set of habits and routines that grounded” me. It took me some time to realize I wasn’t really moving forward.

Enter The Adventure Capitalists.

Going from the pressures of proving yourself to others to proving yourself to your self took some getting used to. Can I do it? Can I afford to be an entrepreneur? Am I going to be a big fat failure in 6 months when I’m out looking for another company to hire me? Well, here we are 7 months later and still going strong. We are debt free, our cash flow grows monthly, our clients are pleased and we have laid the groundwork for so many opportunities still ahead of us.

Making the move and leaving my old comfort zone behind has allowed me to, as the article states, “take larger leaps that will, in time, help (me) refine my purpose.” I have grown, I have evolved, and I’m excited to keep expanding.

We have built a business culture at The Adventure Capitalists that allows us to continuously expand our comfort zones. We are coming up with new ideas, enhancing our goals, and attracting new experiences – literally every day. We are building a trustworthy, fun, and fulfilling atmosphere that constantly reminds us of the type of people we are and the kinds of businesses/people we want to attract as clients and co-venture partners. And we offer this culture to our clients. It’s a Daily Adventure!

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