sustainable media: dive in

After MLK day and the presidential inauguration, the social media networks were blowing up. I spent about an hour scrolling through the day’s worth of tweets that ranged from MLK quotes to pictures of Obama, as well as updates about the 49ers going to the Superbowl. As we all know, social media platforms have undoubtedly become a major vessel for the exchange of information that is constant and more importantly, current. Especially when it comes to discussions surrounding the topic of sustainability.

These social media platforms range from the quick paced news feeds of Twitter to the aesthetically pleasing visuals of Pinterest and Instagram with millions of active users, and free membership. What better a place to raise sustainability awareness and at the same time promote a brand? The simple answer: there isn’t.

Now more than ever social media has become intertwined and engrained in people’s professional and personal lives, becoming ever more versatile and impactful. Discussions surrounding sustainability for example, move beyond just a key group of sustainability folk (you know who you are). It’s a topic that, in just a few tweets, can engulf a new demographic: a coffee pot that can be disassembled and recycled (@autodesk); business strategy around driving efficiency and reducing cost (@capgemini); community efforts around building social sustainability (@groundworkuk).

The fact of the matter is that with the help of social media, sustainability is moving beyond being a trend to becoming a true paradigm. If your business isn’t paying attention to the increasingly constant conversations happening on various platforms, you’re going to have to dive in or do something drastic to compete.

So whether it’s a tweet, a post, a photo, a pin, or an entire profile, take the initiative to build your social media campaign or get support from a firm like us or a like group of professionals.

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